Conservation works on many historical structures uncover very well preserved samples of original mortars and plasters. This material was applied during the formation of many “stucco” elements, ornamental ledges, columns and handrails. Many of conservators say about so called “Italian stones” or discuss about the import of so called “Roman cements” and their application in structures. Sometimes final products were probably imported to Czech Republic (up to 1918 part of former Austria).

Mortars, plasters and ornamental elements were by authors studied on many historical structures in Czech Republic. The most interesting results were obtained during the study of 3 selected objects – Lednice castle, church on Zelená hora hill near Zdár nad Sázavou and fountain in Valtice.

Because application of comparative method of study is the best method of identification of material for natural historical branches comparative samples were carried from Tuscania in Italy.
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